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Exploring Doha’s Best in 24 Hours

If you have a short time in Doha, here are some must-see attractions and activities to make the most of your visit: Souq Waqif: This is the oldest souq in Doha and a popular tourist attraction. It is popularly said

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Umrah DIY Guide

Embarking on an Umrah journey is a profound experience that requires thoughtful preparation and guidance. In this comprehensive DIY guide, we’ll walk you through every step to make your Umrah spiritually fulfilling and hassle-free. Let’s start this journey together.Preparation Your

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Qatar National Museum

The National Museum of Qatar celebrates the heritage, culture, past, present and future of Qatar.  A tour of the museum takes visitors through the natural history of the desert and establishment of the Qatari state. The museum brings the story of Qatar to life through audiovisual displays, archeological artefacts, historical documents, household items, costumes and many other art pieces.

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